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Trekking onward. 

Dr. Lomino in China. Feburary 18

Feburary 18: My First Presentation

Saturdays are usually marketing days for No Boundaries Kindergarten.  Potential families are invited to one or several of the school facilities for a tour and presentation.  Today I am the presenter.  I have prepared a powerpoint that tells a little about my background, the history of FK in the US and also some of its many benefits.  About 20 families spent the morning in the forest then came back to the kindergarten (or nursery as it is usually called) for lunch and the presentation.  Doris is my interpreter today, and she has a full-time job with the Chinese government working with foreign business people mainly.  She is very young and very efficient.  I enjoy talking with the families, and I hope they will send their children to No Boundaries.

Today’s Insight:  I am excited to see more and more parents drawn to the idea of Forest Kindergarten.  Most recognize that their children need to play outdoors, and I think the concept rekindles memories of childhood that are forgotten in this age of technology and much time spent indoors. Forest Kindergarten is the renewal of an old educational paradigm.  It’s about time!

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