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Dr. Lomino in China: February 8

Feburary 8: I Meet The Teachers 

I have been anxious to talk with the No Boundaries Kindergarten teachers since I met several of them Monday.  So this morning with Jecky as translator, I begin the pleasant task of getting acquainted with each one. I will ask them about their background, their teaching strengths and challenges and also how I might be able to help them meet with their teaching goals.

Qing Quing (pronounced Ching Ching) came first, followed by Channing, Kevin, Ben and then one of the three “foreign” teachers, Astrid from Denmark.  I am discovering already that these lovely people have many things in common.  They are without exception young, have degrees in varying fields, and share a very obvious love of teaching young children. 

Each interview is such fun—I want to keep going, but it is noon and my ever solicitousassistant, Jecky, can tell by my eyes that I am beginning to get sleepy.  My jet lag is setting in.  So I go back to the apartment for a rest and will finish the meetings later in the afternoon.  However, it became apparent that I will need the rest of the day to relax, so that’s what I’m doing!  After a meal of my Walmart broccoli, noodles, onions and a fruit that tastes a lot like pineapple (but isn’t) I made phone calls home and went to bed early.

Today’s Insight:  Teachers are usually always an inspirational lot, but at No Boundaries I am so impressed with their level of professionalism and their passion for children.  My interviews today always ended with their gratitude that I have come to help them learn how to be better teachers.  And I always replied:  “I am going to learn more from you than you will learn from me.”  And I meant it!

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