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Forest school

Outside on all sides.

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Forest School

Wauhatchie offers Forest School for students aged 7-12, during the school year, September through May with afternoon sessions 1pm-4pm. Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring Break and other holidays will coincide with the Hamilton County School Calendar.

Daily Schedule

  • 1:00-2:30 students will participate in facilitated field experiences
  • 2:30-4:00 students will participate in self-directed learning/play at various Forest School sites on the property.
  • In case of severe weather conditions, classes will be moved indoors.

Benefits to Students

  • Hands-on inquiry-based learning
  • Learning naturally outdoors
  • Interdisciplinary learning with writing, math, science, history, and a focus on art in nature
  • Classes facilitated by professional naturalist/educators
  • Opportunities to work collaboratively to create, problem solve, support one another, dream of a bigger and better world

Ages: 7-12

Maximum enrollment: 30 students

Nature Journals: Each student will record in their journals what they learn with drawings, data collections, creative and expository writing, personal reflections, and questions to research.

Forest School Tuition

2 days a week (Tu & Th)   $220 monthly

  • There is a 10% discount for each additional child from the same family.
  • An additional hourly fee is charged for pick-up after 4:15.
  • The tuition includes all class materials (journals and art supplies and other items).
  • Classes may not be paid for individually. There are no refunds for classes missed (unless a scheduled class is cancelled.)
  • Tuition Payment: Tuition may be paid monthly, or the total year’s tuition may be paid in advance. Monthly
  • Payments are due the first of each month, with the first month’s amount paid in advance.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be due at the contract signing (see details in the enrollment process.)

Forest School Curriculum

Hands-on Classes:

  • Pioneer Crafts
  • Geology
  • Archaeology/History
  • Gardening/Cooking
  • Water Studies
  • Art
  • Music/Dance

Sample Seasonal Learning Activities:

  • Spring: Wildflowers, Birds, Soil, Planting the Garden, Insects
  • Summer: Gardening and Cooking, Water, Fish/Amphibians/Reptiles
  • Fall: Gardening and Cooking, Trees, Mammals, Pioneer Crafts
  • Winter: Geology, Weather, Cooking, Astronomy/Pioneer Crafts

Grades 2-5 Creative Arts Program (9:00-12:00 T/Th)

This program is designed to provide a broad introduction to both visual and performance art mediums. Students will engage in rich and varied experiences bolstering creativity, passions, confidence and "outside the box" thinking.

Grades 4-8 Academic & Arts Program (9:00-2:30 M/W/F)

Globe Science

    Students will learn climate and environmental science concepts while participating in the NASA- and NSF-sponsored GLOBE citizen science program. Students will be connected with other students, teachers, scientists, and citizens from Hamilton county and over 100 other countries worldwide as they conduct real, hands-on science at the Wauhatchie site and feed the data into a global database. Science concepts have been aligned with Common Core standards, and this science program dovetails with the middle school Math standards necessary to collect and interpret the data.


 Math Workshop

    Students will begin class at individual computer workstations using Khan Academy to practice and master skills at their own pace and grade level. The instructor will make rounds at this time working one on one with each student to address questions or difficulties. In the interest of promoting a sense of fun, curiosity and accessibility, the second half of class will have students work collaboratively to understand concepts, with the support of the instructor. They will also engage in project based math learning that will include the skills that complement the GLOBE program as well as other democratically chosen hands-on projects.



    Students will experience Spanish immersion in a fun, interactive environment that incorporates books and stories, songs, games, and lots of repetition in order to promote contextual and conversational language learning using the Sonrisas Spanish School curriculum. Parent workshops will provide an essential link between school and home and allow parents to produce visual aids and try out some Spanish phrases of their own. Students and parents who want to increase their language acquisition can choose to supplement with short and sweet daily practice sessions on Duolingo.



Writers' Workshop

    In the writers' workshop, students will produce writing and improve their writing skills in a collaborative learning environment. Writers will explore writing as a means of expression, an extension of speech, a way of keeping records, and as an art form by reading good writing and playing with words and structure. Students will work in concert as   sounding-boards and peer editors, as well as individually conferencing with the instructor to think through and revise their pieces. Grammar and spelling concerns will be addressed organically, rather than as part of a set curriculum. The goal of this course is to create a culture and a mindset that writing can be natural and stress-free, rather than something that is difficult and to be dreaded.

Music and Arts

          Chattanooga blues musician Rick Rushing and guest artists will lead this class on a journey through the history of blues music. Students will study artists who have shaped the blues music genre as they learn basic blues guitar rhythms and chords as well percussive accompaniment and vocal techniques. Guest artists will join in to incorporate dance and visual art. This class will culminate in an multi disciplinary performance at the end of the year! This class is sure to be a blast! Guitars provided.



Daily Schedule

  • 8:30-8:50 Brain dance/pilates for parents and students (Optional)
  • 9-10:30 Math
  • 10:30-10:40 Break
  • 10:40-12 Science
  • 12-1Lunch/Recess
  • 1-1:30 Spanish
  • 1:30-2:30 Writing/grammar

Maximum Class Size: 12 students with a teacher ratio of 6:1

Supplemental academic and arts program tuition

Grades 2-5:  $180 monthly

Grades 6-8:

Option 1: 3 FULL DAYS

9-2:30 Monday,Wednesday, Friday $375month


9-12 Monday,Wednesday, Friday $250month


 1-2:30 Monday,Wednesday, Friday $100month


 2:30- 3:45 Monday,Wednesday $100month