Wauhatchie School

Wauhatchie Forest School

Outside on all sides.

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Forest School

Wauhatchie School and Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center are establishing a unique outdoor learning experience for homeschool students aged 7-12 located on Reflection Riding’s 317 acres.  Classes will be held August through May, and are hands-on, integrating writing, literature, math, science, history, and the arts. 

Students will have opportunities to:

·  Collect data, using the STEM and GLOBE models, for NOAA and other national research organizations

·  Participate in canoe–building and canoe trips, outdoor bush crafting and survival skills, animal identification and tracking, nature arts and crafts,  occasional overnight camps, and family weekend adventures

· Train to become Junior Naturalists for Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center

Forest School Sessions and Fees

M/W| 12:30-4:00         $250 monthly

T/Th| 8:30-12:00         $250 monthly             

T/Th| 12:30-4:00         $250 monthly

 (Monthly tuition with a 10-month commitment)

  • Maximum of 40 students per session (students will be divided into two groups per session)

  • 10% discount for each additional child from the same family.

  • An additional hourly fee is charged for pick-up after 4:15.

  • The tuition includes all class materials (journals and art supplies and other items).

  • Classes may not be paid for individually. There are no refunds for classes missed (unless a scheduled class is cancelled.)

  • Tuition Payment: Tuition may be paid monthly, or the total year’s tuition may be paid in advance.

  • Monthly payments are due the first of each month, with the first month’s amount paid in advance.

  • A non-refundable deposit of $100 will be due at the contract signing (see details in the enrollment process.)

Benefits to Students

  • Hands-on inquiry-based learning

  • Learning naturally outdoors

  • Interdisciplinary learning with writing, math, science, history, and a focus on art in nature

  • Classes facilitated by professional naturalist/educators

  • Opportunities to work collaboratively to create, problem solve, support one another, dream of a bigger and better world

  • Nature Journals: Each student will record in their journals what they learn with drawings, data collections, creative and expository writing, personal reflections, and questions to research.