Wauhatchie Forest Preschool

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SCHEDULE for Forest Preschool Ages 2-6

Wauhatchie Forest Preschool at Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center, Ivy Academy, and Audubon Acres

M/W/F| 9:00-12:00|3-6 years                              

T/Th| 9:00-12:00| 3-6 years       (Classes are full at RRANC. Wait list is open.)                             

M-F| 9:00-12:00| 3-6 years        (Classes are full at RRANC. Wait list is open.)        

Wauhatchie Forest Preschool at Lookout Lake

M/W/F| 9:00-12:00| 2-5 years                                  

T/Th| 9:00-12:00| 2-5 years                             

  • Children arrive dressed for the outdoors at 9:00, and the program begins at 9:05.

  • The half-day program is completely outdoors and focused on exploratory play.

  • All learning is seasonal and nature-based, and connected to the children’s daily outdoor discoveries. We incorporate best practices in Early Childhood Education including Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, and other inspired teaching philosophies to create a holistic approach to education.

  • School Year: August through May with Fall, Thanksgiving, Winter, Spring Break, and other holidays aligned with the Hamilton County School Calendar

  • 10% tuition discount for each additional child from the same family


    Friedrich Fröbel, a German educator, opened the world’s first outdoor “kindergartens” (German for “children’s gardens”) more than 150 years ago. He believed young children should spend their time playing in nature and away from so much emphasis on learning letters and numbers. Today, across Europe, thousands of these “forest kindergartens” have been established where children spend their entire class time outdoors year-round.

    Forest Kindergarten is play-based and allows children to develop their skills and habits over time and at their own pace. Children learn naturally to be self-motivated, cooperative, respectful, grateful, and aware of their impact on the earth. Children experience outdoor adventures in all weather conditions. The Forest Kindergarten is made as safe as is reasonably possible, in order to facilitate children’s risk-taking. It provides a complete immersion in nature helping to build a child’s sense of place in the world.

    Research strongly supports the idea that young children, particularly ages 2-6, learn best through direct experiences with the world around them. Being outdoors provides them with not only fresh air, but it also encourages imaginative play, creativity, hand-eye coordination and balance, physical strength and mental clarity. By tapping into their innate sense of wonder about nature, we can help children learn basic environmental and natural science principles, as well as respect for all living beings. Lessons flow organically from the natural rhythms of the seasons and from the children’s daily discoveries. There are no set lesson plans: each day is shaped by the animals, insects, birds, amphibians, weather and foraging that is encountered, providing spontaneous teachable moments.



    Children must be able to follow directions carefully, show respect towards other children and their teachers, and be able to communicate effectively. Children must be toilet-proficient in order to attend (2 year olds must be in the toilet training process). They must be able to know when they have to go to the bathroom and be able to communicate that.

    Appropriate clothing for Forest Kindergarten is CRITICAL to the success of the program. “There is no such thing as bad weather, only inappropriate clothing choices.”

    Weekend events will be planned at Wauhatchie School to provide a continuation of the FK experience for the entire family.