About Wauhatchie (waa-ha-chi)

The name Wauhatchie is a Cherokee word that can be defined as “Great Wolf” or “ Beautiful Mountain and Valley.” The Lookout Valley community in which our campus resides is rich in history and lore. Like most of this area of Tennessee, Lookout Valley has roots within the Native American culture. In fact, one of the first names of this community was Wauhatchie, named in honor of the Cherokee Chieftain, Chief Skyuka Wauhatchie Glass. (From The History of the Lookout Valley Community by Richard Alexander McKeel).

Wauhatchie School Objectives

  • Provide young children the time, space and play to develop their fullest potential

  • Provide opportunities for all activities to be child-initiated and child-led, with adults acting as facilitators

  • Provide individual attention with a 1:5 teacher to child ratio for ages 4-6 and 1:12 teacher to child ratio for ages 7-12

  • Build children’s on-going relationship with the land, to one another, and to themselves

  • Provide opportunities to work collaboratively to create, problem solve, support one another, dream of a bigger and better world

  • Encourage healthy habits and lifestyles

  • Facilitate children’s risk-taking, made as safe as is reasonably possible

  • Increase motivation, self-esteem and concentration

  • Develop respect for the natural world and also respect for its dangers

  • Stimulate children’s innate curiosity by being close to nature

  • Teach children to become well informed and caring stewards of the natural world

  • Encourage family involvement in nature-related learning on site and at their homes



Wauhatchie School at Reflection Riding Arboretum and Nature Center sits at the foot of Lookout Mountain, surrounded by ponds, creeks, forest, and meadows where teachers guide students through nature encounters that help develop a greater understanding of themselves, and of the surrounding world.  (Photos at the new location coming soon! See www.reflectionriding.org) 


Meet Wauhatchie in person. 

We're just a short drive from downtown Chattanooga. (New map coming soon)